This page describes how to set up and configure the LW20/C Lidar sensor

Lidar sensors are used to measure the distance from the ground and they are normally integrated in the landing process to make it more robust and delicate.

The sensor can be connected to skynode via the Pixhawk adapter board.

  1. Connect Skynode to the Pixhawk adapter board using the Primary/Secondary 40 pin molex cables. If you need to use both side of the board you have to connect both 40 pin connectors (Primary AND Secondary) to Skynode.

  1. Connect the Lidar sensor to the Pixhawk adapter board using the dedicated connectors (I2C 2/J28 or I2C 1/J18)

  1. Connect Skynode to AMC and power it up.

The sensor should now already be connected and functional.

Sensor functionality test

  1. Access the AMC "Advanced Mode" by clicking five times on the AMC icon on the top left side of the screen. At this point the following Pop-up window should appear on your screen. Choose "Switch to Advanced". Once the change has taken place, the icon should change appearance from the normal orange color, to a transparent one.

  1. Click once on the icon to open the Menu bar and click on "Analyze"

  1. Choose "MAVLink Inspector" from the Menu bar on the left side and look for the "DISTANCE_SENSOR" Parameter inside the MAVLink messages and click on it. Now you will be able to see the current_distance value, which represents the distance measured by the sensor in cm.

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