Connect Skynode to AMC

The main software used to interface an external PC/Laptop/Tablet with Skynode is Auterion Mission Control (AMC). AMC is the ground station allowing you to operate and further develop Skynode.

Installing Auterion Mission Control

  1. Download and install Auterion Mission Control on your PC/Laptop/Tablet. The Downloads button can be found under Settings inside the left hand menu bar once you are logged into the Auterion Suite. Choose the version working with your OS and install it. For a detailed installation guide follow the "AMC Installation instructions".

  2. For a quick introduction on the main components of Auterion Mission Control take a look at "AMC - First steps"

Connecting Skynode to AMC

  1. Now connect Skynode to your device using the USB-C cable. In alternative, it is possible to use WiFi or LTE to connect AMC to Skynode. The setup for each one of these options is covered in their respective section.

When connecting via USB-C, Skynode shows up as a networking device and automatically assigns an IP address to the connected laptop or computer through its own DHCP server.



Ground Control Station

  1. Auterion Mission Control will automatically connect to Skynode and display it as "Vehicle 1" in the application bar at the top of the screen.

On some computer systems you may need to modify or disable the firewall in order to get a MAVLink connection in AMC.

Connecting Skynode to the internet

To access all the features offered by Auterion Suite, it is important to check that Skynode is connected to the internet via LTE. This allows the vehicle to automatically upload, store and share the data collected during your flight missions.

  1. If Skynode is correctly connected to the internet you should see the green LTE symbol next to the reception signal strength. If not, check again that you correctly inserted the SIM card and that the two LTE antennas have been properly connected (Get Skynode ready).

  1. If the vehicle does not connect to LTE check the LTE configuration inside AMC.

Up to this point we took care of the Skynode correct configuration and connection with our device. The next chapter focuses on how to integrate the different sensors delivered with the Evaluation Kit and check their functionalities.

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