Adding SSH keys

When using a production image where SSH root access as well as password-based login are disabled, you can add your public SSH key to Skynode using the developer tools. Please ensure that your key is well protected. The SSH key has to be added to the file ./authorized_keys in the developer tools and Skynode has to be re-flashed afterwards with a newly built image using the developer tools.

If you do not have an SSH key yet, you can generate a 4096 bit RSA key with this command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

The following command appends your public SSH key to authorized keys.

cd <path_to_auterion-developer-tools>
cat ~/.ssh/ >> ./authorized_keys

If your Skynode is running a production image, you will need to build and provision a new image for Skynode before the key can be used. Otherwise you can use the following command to add your key on your device.

make import-ssh-key

By default Skynode will take the SSH key from ~/.ssh/ but you can override the default path with the argument keyPath=.

Once the SSH keys were added, package a new AuterionOS image by using the following command for example:

make package-update version=my-version artifactPath=~/Download/artifact.auterionos outputArtifactPath=./output/update.auterionos

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