AOS 2.1.1


This version of AuterionOS comes bundles with Auterion PX4 2.1.1:

Please use Auterion Mission Control 1.10.1 or newer with this version of AOS:

Specific Features on this release are only compatible with Auterion Mission Control v1.10.1 or newer. Those features will not be available if an older Auterion Mission Control version is used.

New Features

  • Added quality parameter for video recording in the Sony α7R cameras.

  • Now, the survey workflow sends photo thumbnails to AMC when triggering the photo and downloads high resolution photos only when the user opens the photo in the gallery.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Several issues affecting the stability on the Photo Gallery.

  • Sometimes, on the Photo Gallery, and using the survey workflow, the photo download does not work when using a USB stick drive.

  • In the Sony α7R cameras, photo triggering fails when the photo destination is set in AMC to “both” option.

  • In the Sony α7R cameras, switching photo storage destination from USB stick to camera SD card and vice-versa sometimes wouldn’t work as expected.

  • Video stuttering during video streaming from Sony α7R cameras.

  • High CPU load issue when storing photos in the USB stick when using the survey workflow.

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