Bench Test

This page describes how to verify your setup before you go out and fly

Danger: Always remove the propellers from your drone before starting the following tests.

It is preferred to power the drone from a battery instead of the wall power supply to ensure that there is enough power for the motors to spin up.

In order to avoid damage to the vehicle, verify that the vehicle is properly set up before conducting the first tests. Make sure that your Skynode is registered in the suite and that it has access to the internet either over LTE or over WIFI.

In order to make the most out of the bench test, it is suggested to perform it in the same configuration that it is going to be used when operating it (except for the propellers, which should be removed for the test). This means, that you will also need to connect your vehicle to a Remote Controller(RC) and to a GCS (either integrated in the RC or on your PC/Laptop).

  1. Make sure that all sensors have been calibrated and they show a green status indicator.

  2. By default it is not possible to ARM the vehicle without having proper GPS reception. Therefore, in order to perform the test indoors, the COM_ARM_WO_GPS parameter has to be set to "Allow arming without GPS" or manually set to the value "1". To do that open AMC and Select "Advanced" > Parameters and search for it.

  1. At this point you will be able to "ARM" the vehicle either via RC or from the GCS.

  2. Check that the Inputs from the RC have the desired output on the actuators. E.g.: Throttle, yaw, pitch and roll in "Acro" mode. Test also Manual/Stabilized mode and try to tilt the vehicle and see the response on the actuators.

  3. When testing is completed "Disarm" the vehicle.

  4. If there are some issues with the motors, consider performing an ESCs calibration. If you noticed uneven/incorrect servo positions consider trimming them.

  5. Every time the vehicle is armed it will generate a log at the end of each flight. Logs are stored on the Vehicle itself and they are also automatically uploaded to the Suite if the vehicle is connected to the internet. To check the logs, login to the Suite on a web browser ( Navigate to the Flights Tab and click on the last Flight to open up the Log.

Please make sure to change the COM_ARM_WO_GPS to its default state: Require GPS lock to arm (set to value "0").

You are now ready to go out and fly!

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