AMC 1.17.9


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

pageAOS 2.7.15

What's new

  • New first-time-use onboarding wizard, registering your powered-by-Auterion vehicle is now much easier!

  • Revamped the toolstrip UI on the left screen edge: Organized actions into Quick Actions (Takeoff, Mission, RTL), Flight tool and Map tools sections accessible at the bottom of the sidebar. Button description can be enabled from the left arrow.

  • New design for Compass rose and telemetry dashboard. There is now more space to interact with the map and a generally improved readability!

  • New structure for the Mission Planning UI to guide the operator through the creation process. The mission menu on the right is now split into individual tabs for the three separate steps of mission planning: "Start", "Mission" as well as "End"

  • Added support to enable/disable a laser illuminator. Available only if the payload in use supports this feature

  • Added support to configure uAvionix ADSB Out

  • Added a configuration page for enabling / disabling Auterion Suite features

  • Added a configuration page for Remote ID. Operators can now specify a fixed location. This is particularly useful when the ground station has no GPS capabilities or no signal.

  • Added "pinch to zoom" capability for pictures in the photo gallery

  • Added an option to define Gimbal Tilt controls' sensitivity

  • Introduced Quick Gimbal Modes to be able to switch between the gimbal modes directly

  • Added a Figure 8 flight mode for fixedwing aircraft in the Flight Tools

What improved

  • Introduced a unified map layer such that the map doesn’t need to be reloaded when switching between Fly View and Plan View

  • Center Field of View coordinates can be changed to MGRS from the AMC General Settings instead of clicking on the field

  • Improved camera projection visibility on map and make it visible also when map is pipped

  • Added ability to do multiple area measurements in measurement tools

  • Improved Plan View path predictor to simulator vehicle flight behavior more closely

  • Improved VTOL Home Approaches by adding the ability to set the back transition altitude directly in the Fly View

  • Added the ability to split horizontal and vertical distance units between the metric and imperial system

  • Cursor on Target: make POI id unique and use vehicle name instead of uuid

  • Improved connection manager UI to account for multi-link setups

  • Video receiver: send metadata on every keyframe such that it is possible to play the AMC video recording from every point in time even if the video resolution changes

  • Improve the reliability of the video stream resuming automatically after a brief link loss

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