Autopilot Telemetry (C++)

Can be found under examples in auterion-developer-tools


The get-telemetry-cpp is an application written in C++ and using mavsdk to get telemetry from the flight controller (over mavlink) and print the data to the standard output.

This application is composed of one Docker container based on auterion/ubuntu-mavsdk:0.35.1. This base image is itself based on Ubuntu Focal ARM64V8 (20.04) and contains essential build dependencies to build C++ programs. It also contains mavsdk v0.35.1. Our container is built using the multi-stage feature from Docker. In the first stage (build-stage) we copy our source code and build our application. In the second stage (release-stage), we copy the mavsdk binaries from auterion/ubuntu-mavsdk:0.35.1 and our application binary from the first stage, we also need to install all the dependencies needed to run our application. Finally, using the command ENTRYPOINT, we define the startup command that Docker will use to start our container.


You can build the application by running the following command:

make build

It will create an app artifact in output/get-telemetry-cpp.auterionos.

After a successful build, you can connect your Skynode with USB-C and run the following command to install the application on your device:

make install

You can monitor the application execution by ssh into the device (ssh root@ and run the following command:

docker logs get-telemetry-cpp

You can stop and remove the application with the following commands:

cd /data/app/get-telemetry-cpp/src 
docker-compose stop 
docker-compose rm -f 
docker rmi get-telemetry-cpp

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