AOS 2.5.0


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with APX4 2.5.0:

pageAPX4 2.5.0

Please use Auterion Mission Control 1.14.0 or newer with this version of AOS:

pageAMC 1.14.0

New Features

  • Surveying and Mapping: AuterionOS 2.5 captures and store geotagged images at high precision to enable a end to end professional survey workflow in conjunction with AMC, PrecisionFlight or ESRI SiteScan.

  • AuterionOS can stream live video and live vehicle telemetry over the air to Auterion Suite (needs to be enabled by the user)

  • AuterionOS artifact signing functionality for production builds

  • Overhauled and simplified vehicle registration workflow

  • Overhauled Vehicle web UI

  • Add support for exFAT file system on USB sticks

  • Payloads:

    • Trillium Gimbal/Cameras:

      • Enable recording and storing videos on the Vehicle

      • Add support for laser pointer

    • Nextvision Gimbal/Cameras with Trip2

      • add tracking support

      • add (point of interest) POI support

    • preview/beta: Doodle labs smart Radio support (please reach out if you want to use this feature)

  • Vehicle side support for the following new features of the AMC photo gallery in AMC 1.14:

    • support for grouping photos with missions

    • support for deleting photos

    • support for smarter thumbnail download to conserve bandwidth

  • Preview / Beta: support for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

What improved

  • Infrastructure overhaul for radio driver API which enables functionality such as prioritizing image download over the faster of the available links

  • Improved auto-detection of payloads

  • Use only 5GHz for Skynode Access Point to avoid interference

  • LTE Modem manager: support 5G networks

  • Added functionality to coordinate SW updates of external components (if you are an OEM that wants to use this please reach out_

  • Added ability to disable automatic file-upload

  • Added Skynode Factory Reset functionality

  • Disabled RTPS protocol splitter by default, can still be enabled via PROTOCOL_SPLITTER_PASSTHROUGH_ENABLE=0

  • Switch to use 6GB rootfs partitiion that was introduced in 2.4

Resolved Issues

  • Corner Case where Skynode can stay in bootloader mode

  • Pilot name not appearing in Suite

  • Sensor Point Of Interest Lost When Switching From Map To Sensor Video Feed

  • Payloads:

    • Various bug fixes for stability across all payloads

    • Fixed the following bugs for specific payload types:

      • UVC Camera (Web Camera): Settings not working

      • Workswell Wiris:

        • Thermal and visual zoom levels not in sync

        • The first time the IR stream is displayed it is smaller

        • Resolution not matching when overlaying IR to visible light

      • Nextvision: corner case where gimbal controls don't show up in AMC

      • Sony: video streaming high latency

      • Trillium: POI remains active after changing to a manual mode

  • Pairing - autoconnect interferes with connection to another vehicle

  • Cloud sim: video streaming high latency

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