LTE Setup

SIM Card insertion/replacement

Insert your SIM card into the SIM Card slot with the chip contacts facing downwards (refer to the image below). The SIM card is recessed into the enclosure and you might need a tool to push it into the socket. You should hear a click when the SIM card is inserted properly. To remove the SIM card, push the card inwards using a tool. You should hear a click and the card will be ejected from the enclosure.

Software Configuration

The LTE modem is configured through Auterion Mission Control under the tab Vehicle Setup > Cellular

The settings presented in this menu are

  • Enable LTE (checkbox): Select to enable

  • Connected to modem: Green (Connected) | Red (Disconnected)

  • APN (Access Point Name): APN name for your cellular data plan depends on the provider

  • Allow Roaming: Select to enable if you want to allow connections to a cellular network that is not your service provider

  • Enable PIN: Select to use a SIM card PIN. Note that the PIN is not stored and has to be entered on every boot when enabled

Access Point Names

The table below lists typical APN names for existing Skynode users. If your carrier is not listed, please contact their support or check their website to obtain the correct setting.


Orange (global)


T-Mobile (US)



Verizon (US)


Bell (CAN)

Telus (CAN)

Rogers (CAN)


Freedom Mobile (CAN)

Digitalrepublic (CH)

Sunrise (CH)


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