AI Node Interface Function Map


External Interfaces

Pinout and Paths


GH 9-pin connector. Both ETH0 and ETH1 have the same pinout. Pinout is given for Fast Ethernet (Eg. for connecting to Skynode, and radio) and Gigabit Ethernet modes.

USB Type C

Each of the two USB Type C ports is USB3.0 rated, with backward compatibility with USB2.0.

USB2.0 hub acts as independent submodule of USB3.0 hub, allowing for independent simultanious use of both USB2.0 and USB3.0 interefaces. Type C connectors are reversible, and have two USB3.0 lanes, and two USB2.0 routed to each of the Type C ports in order to meet reversibility requirements.

Due to this design decision, it is possible to use a passive break out board to route out up to 8 USB ports for simultaneous use: x4 USB2.0 and x4 USB3.0

As it is a USB hub, total bandiwth is shared between all attached USB devices, that is:

  • 420Mbps for all attached USB2.0 devices

  • 5Gbps for all attached USB3.0 devices


22 pin 0.5mm ribbon cable, RPi camera compatible. By default, configured to IMX219 sensor, may be switched to IMX477 from user-space by setting CSI1_IMX477=1 or CSI4_IMX477=1.

On AOS version ainode-v0.7.0 and above:

  • CSI1 is available under /dev/video1, or sensor-id 1 when using nvarguscamerascr

  • CSI4 is available under /dev/video2, or sensor-id 2 when using nvarguscamerascr

These are fixed, persistent, and independent from other cameras attached/detached.

On older AOS versions belowainode-v0.7.0, /dev/videoX is allocated dynamically at boot, and thus is not persistent.sensor-id for nvarguscamerasrc are also allocated dynamically:

  • If both CSI1 and CSI4 are present, CSI1 is sensor-id 1 and CSI4 is sensor id 2

  • If only CSI1 is present, it is sensor-id 1

  • If only CSI4 is present, it is sensor-id 1

IO Header

Molex connector. Pinout partially compatible with Skynode, and can be used Pixhawk adapter board.


To be used with NextVision cameras only. Incorporates video input and camera controls. For more details contact our sales department.

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