APX4 2.4.1


Please ensure to use Auterion Mission Control v1.13 or newer:

AMC 1.13

What’s new


  • VTOL

    • Simplified UX for quick takeoff and landing using Safe Areas

    • Introduce automatic Eco and Dash mode switching for situational adaptation of energy conservation vs. setpoint tracking

    • Simplified preflight check mechanism

  • Online airspeed scale estimation


  • All the new features made available in upstream PX4 v1.11 release.

What improved



  • Transition logic improvements to allow earlier alignment of heading with transition direction

  • Overhaul of (setpoint) constraints for safe back transitions across various conditions

  • Improve computation of height rate setpoint in TECS. Introduced parameters for target climb-and sinkrates

  • Tiltrotor: Add quadchute when transition times out similar as in standard VTOL

  • Use temperature data from differential pressure sensor to calculate air density

  • Tiltrotor: add hover tilt offset to pusher assist tilt

  • FW Position Controller: Add ability to climb fast/slow

  • Add transition timeout mechanism as fallback

  • Make sure (erroneous) mavlink VTOL takeoff can only be executed on VTOL vehicle type

  • replace ASPD_STALL by FW_AIRSPD_STAL and introduce sanity checks

  • FW Position control: add roll slewrate also in manual Position flight mode


  • Overhaul of geofence handling

  • microRTPS support to allow parallel mavlink and RTPS communication

  • gimbal: support for v1 gimbals while using v2 protocol between AMC and vehicle

  • mavlink: 14S battery support

  • Allow yawing nudging during yaw and allow nudging from beginning of decent

  • Add wind speed warning when vehicle reaches wind limits

  • Airspeed validator: extend check for constant value to hover flight

  • Better RC loss failsafe configuration options for BVLOS (ability to disable RC loss reaction)

  • Send parachute command on termination

  • Param whitelist (restricted build) option for production builds

  • DShot: timeout if commands are not processed

  • Differential Pressure Sensors: switch to explicitly enable sensors with new params

  • Consumption based RTL: make margin configurable

  • Making "airspeed sensor failure detected" warning more understandable

  • Fallback logic from gps heading in case gps heading fails

  • Mavlink: increase MAX_REMOTE_COMPONENTS to 12

  • Airspeed Selection: make message to user more clear

  • Add vehicle_odometry and vehicle_trajectory_bezier logging for obstacle avoidance and VIO debug and inspection

  • sdp6x driver: remove inversion of differential pressure

Powered by community:

  • Add ability to set GPIO to pull down

  • Proper cleanup of mavlink instance on exit

  • All the improvements made available in upstream PX4 v1.11 release.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:



  • Fix cases where state machine did not transition to MC mode

  • Fix issue where the wind estimate was off on tail-sitters type aircraft

  • Fix: Orbits aren't joint tangentially

  • Enable different pitch sp offset in hover for landing: Fixes an issue where the vehicle has issues descending when landing in high wind.

  • Fix: RC lost failsafe action broken when happening during GPS lost failsafe

  • Fix: Failsafe interrupting VTOL Takeoff

  • Fix: Flight Time Estimator RTL Interferes With Active Landing : enforce landing at home only if VTOL in hover and not on mission landing

  • Fix TECS airspeed filtering to use raw inertial acceleration & Log more airspeed filter states

  • Fix: Tiltrotor Throttle setpoint wrong during stabilized transition

  • Fix control surface check for non-tilt rotor vehicles


  • Allow arming a rover with the throttle stick in the middle

  • Rover: Correct throttle scale


  • Fix: yaw gyro bias oscillation on ground

  • Fix: autotuning failing on some quadplane setups

  • Fix: autotuning: parameter not applied correctly

  • Fix: land detection when drone is moving after landing in Position mode

  • Fix: wrong flight time estimates when on ground

  • Fix mag-less in air yaw alignment

  • Fix: Mag bias estimator does not work after disarm

  • Fix missing hysteresis for hover thrust estimator

  • Fix: quaternion- Z accel bias coupling (leads to EKF covariance prediction stability improvements)

  • Fix: User override not working during GPS lost failsafe landing

  • Fix: Triggering RTL from fast manual descent resulted in commanded descent instead of climb in RTL

  • Fix: Datalink failsafe: drone does not disarm

  • Fix instance where vertical geofence was breachable

  • Fix: Cruise speed is not re-used if mission is paused and resumed

  • Fix: Rejected mission can be executed

  • Fix: invalid setpoints during switch from stab to alt

  • Fix: Nudging: Yaw action stops descend

  • Fix: Com loss leads to pos control and switching to altitude control

  • Fix: possibility erroneous position setpoint when changing altitude during fixed wing position control mode

  • Fix: Mission not advancing if next waypoint within loiter radius of current loiter waypoint

  • Fix: ROI as part of mission not working

  • Consumption based RTL: Ignore RTL estimate if RTL is not configured as failsafe action


  • sdp3x: fix situation when wire/contact gets disconnected SDP3X sensor was not able to reconfigure.

  • Disable iridium driver per default

  • mavlink: fix runaway case during mission upload

  • MAVLink forwarding improvements / fix incorrect rejection of forwarded alien commands

  • Fix: FTP usage during FMU configuration update results on timeouts or "protocol errors" (mavlink receiver improvements)

  • Set UART4//dev/ttyS3 as UART for Pixhawk Payload bus

  • logger: remove unused topics, move some to debug profile

  • Fix: operator spammed by ADSB messages

  • Fix pwm default failsafe values (PWM_AUX_DISx to use common default value)

  • Fix: correctly route custom actions to mission computer

  • Fix: GPS heading and timeout for uBlox ZED-F9P

  • Fix instances of missed mavlink log messages

  • Fix: hardfault on mavlink stop-all shell command

Fixed by community:

  • Fix memory corruption when work queue is being deleted

  • NuttX Fix for DATA timeout (SD logging stops after short period of time)

  • only play safety change tunes if initialized

  • Report vehicle termination correctly over MAVLink

  • Fix instance where PWM param update was interfering with VTOL flight modes

  • Fix: SITL jMAVsim oscillates in pitch

  • All the bug fixes made available in upstream PX4 v1.11 release.

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