USB Network Connection

Setting up a network connection to AI Node for updates and development purposes

SSH root access is only available in the AuterionOS development image. For security reasons it should not be used on released products. For more details see the page Types of AuterionOS Images. Contact for a release build of AuterionOS with SSH root access disabled to deploy in production.

The following instructions allow you to connect to the AI Node for development purposes or to install AuterionOS images. Connect the AI Node via its micro-USB interface as shown below:

Once connected you can ssh into the device via:

  • IP address

  • Hardware address fe80::1%usb0

On development image, default username is root with password auterion. You can find more information about developer access on SSH guide.

Do not confuse AI Node's USB Type C ports for debug ports. USB Type C are general purpose payload connections, and cannot be used in slave mode.

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