AOS 2.12.8


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with the following APX4 release:

APX4 2.7.20

Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion Mission Control with this version of AOS:

AMC 1.19.5

If you are updating from a version older than 2.4, please first update to the latest 2.5 before updating to the latest version, otherwise an error message will be displayed in the Skynode web UI.

What's new

  • New PPK workflow API to show progress status in AMC

  • Multi GCS support with Silvus radios

  • Silvus radio autodetect. You no longer need to specify the radio IP in the AMC settings or in the AuterionOS environment variable

  • New view in the Skynode web UI to monitor the logs from any application

  • Include app base image by default in AuterionOS. This will make app development easier and faster.


  • Support USB camera as secondary payload. When using this configuration only the primary camera will be triggered, while the secondary one is just used for general awareness

  • Nextvision

    • New LPOS mode to send angle setpoints to the payload. With this new mode the STOW mode was removed.

    • New setting to record video only on the GCS and not store any data on Skynode

    • Fallback to GRR mode when we stop object tracking or POI modes

What improved


  • Core

    • Fix issue that could cause duplicate video streams to be sent to AMC. This could get worse over time up to the point of saturating the entire radio link.

    • Various optimizations to speed up photo download to AMC

    • Improve RAM usage and add stop taking photos if it becomes to high

    • Improve feedback to AMC after a photo is taken. Now AMC will show feedback in the UI while a photo is being captured so that the user cannot trigger the next one

  • Nextvision

    • Add new setting to enable and disable roll derotation

    • New setting to set payload angular offsets

  • Trillium HD40LV

    • Fix video timestamp issue that could cause the switch between EO and IR to fail

    • Fix issue that caused the payload to not be detected if it took too long to boot


  • Add setting to Skynode web UI to change the default radio encryption key used while pairing

  • Always read settings from the Silvus radio before applying new settings such that if no settings change, nothing will be sent to the radio

  • New setting to also dynamically reconfigure the radio bandwidth


  • Update MAVSDK version to 1.4.0

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