APX4 2.3.0


Please ensure to use Auterion Mission Control v1.12 or newer:

AMC 1.12

What’s new


  • Added support for fixed-wing rate and attitude controllers auto-tuning, in addition to the previously added support for multicopter controllers auto-tuning.

    • The auto-tuning process can now be started and followed the same way from the ground station for both aircraft types.

    • The fixed-wing autotuning will be executed while the aircraft is loitering and it can be interrupted any time by moving any RC switch, providing the control of the aircraft back to the user.

  • Simplified in field/user calibration

    • In addition to the common calibration procedure that is known from the PX4 users, the in-field calibration was now simplified in what concerns to the magnetometer calibration.

    • While before the calibration would take more time, being cumbersome to perform on larger UAVs and excessive as the scale factors are usually not changing over time, the new approach only requires the user to pick-up the vehicle, do some small orientation changes in all axis for 5-10 seconds, and then put the vehicle back on the ground.

    • The magnetometer calibration algorithm has nice convergence properties, its implementation is extremely lightweight and is able to estimate even large biases with just a few attitude changes on all three axes.

    • Accelerometer and gyroscope calibration can still be done at the factory/lab, without the need to calibrate them on the field, given that the PX4 navigation Kalman Filter (EKF2) is capable of learning the sensor biases before and during flight.


  • All the new features made available in upstream PX4 v1.11 release.

What improved


  • Make pusher ramp down during back-transition.

  • Failure detection during multicopter and fixed-wing auto-tuning.

  • Ability to estimate remaining flight time and make it available to the ground station.

  • Improved messaging to user when connection to ground station is regained.


  • All the new improvements made available in upstream PX4 v1.11 release.

Bug fixes


The following bugs have been fixed:

  • VTOL accel to pitch integrator not reset.

  • No attitude setpoint during back-transition.

  • Auto-tune process getting stuck on "In Progress" state.

  • Open loop loiter behavior in VTOL/Fixed-wing aircrafts.

  • Unable to clear Mission, with an "Error: Waypoint index out of bounds."

  • GPS failsafe loiter time not respected.

  • Wrong RTL path setup.

  • VTOL/Fixed-wing aircraft sinking after take-off.

  • RTC clock UBX driver error.

  • Magnetometer calibration with non-deterministic results.

  • Auto-takeoff via button only works after first takeoff in position via sticks.

  • Some corner cases on the navigator logic leading to custom action waypoints to block the navigator.

  • Racing condition in the radio status streaming.

  • Too aggressive compass inconsistency warnings.

  • In multicopters, switching to hold mode when in forward flight results in wrong position correction.


  • All the improvements made available in upstream PX4 v1.11 release, plus some that were cherry-picked from the current 1.12 release candidate.

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