AOS 3.2.9


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with the following APX4 release:

Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion Mission Control with this version of AOS:

What's new

  • Upgraded Linux kernel from 4.14 to 5.10

  • Enabled use of the Ethernet switch on the Skynode

    • This feature now allows for isolation between payload communication on the J7 Ethernet port and internal FMU - OS communication

    • The JST GH 4-pin USB2 and the PPB ports are also physically separate interfaces, which are internally bridged to provide the same functionality as the single Ethernet network in previous releases

  • Overhauled Web UI look and feel

  • Added support for password-based user authentication in order to access Web UI features such as: software updates, system services information, MAVLINK connectivity settings, Remote ID settings; authentication is disabled by default, but can be enabled by setting the JWT_PROTECTION_ENABLED environment variable to 1

  • Restricted WiFI channels available for 5GHz Access Point Mode to the allowed ranges for UAV operation in the EU, in accordance with the EU ECC/DEC/(04)08 directive; the Skynode shall only start an Access Point in the following ranges: 2402 - 2482 MHz, 5170 - 5250 MHz

  • Added app settings and app versions to ulog

  • Removed the Realsense camera driver from the list of root filesystem services, deprecated in favour of the Realsense app

  • Allow usage of shared memory in apps using XRCE-DDS


  • New Beta support for PhaseOne iXM-100 payload

  • Enabled hardware acceleration for H.264 hardware video decoding to reduce CPU load when using some payloads

What improved


  • Add coordinate system to Jpeg XMP metadata

  • Use UTC time for date and time in Exif metadata

  • Improve error handling when USB storage is disconnected

  • Several PPK processing stability improvements

  • Fix feedback to AMC when video recording is started or stopped

  • Fixed camera attitude in XMP tags

  • Removed DJI XMP namespace tags

  • Fixed state stuck in "Saving pictures to the storage"

  • Fixed 90 degree pitch offset in Pix4d's camera namespace

Sony A7R/ILX

  • Added JPEG quality control

  • Fix focus to infinity on ILX camera

  • Add video recording settings

  • Automatically detect lens type also on ILX camera

  • Fix issue where the shutter speed was set also when in auto exposure mode


Doodle Labs

  • Extended Doodle labs settings

  • Stability improvements in connection-manager


  • Fixed issue that was preventing flight logs to be upload to the Suite

  • Fixed issue with app installation where default apps would not get installed upon software update, if no apps were present on the previous AOS version

  • Fixed issue that caused the photo upload to the suite to not work correctly

  • Added graceful error handling for the system information API when the persistent partition fails to mount

  • Fixed setting the timezone the Skynode has an empty RTC battery

  • Fixed corner case that would allow for arbitrary code execution through app install

  • Fixed UI bug that would allow the RAM usage percentage to go above 100%

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