OEM Tools Installation

Install auterion OEM tools for repackaging AuterionOS

The complete developer workflow is supported by Auterion on Ubuntu 22.04. Other Linux variants and Mac OS and Windows are experimental and documented in the file README.md of the Auterion OEM Tools.

To prepare the build environment and install all the dependencies and tools you will need to build and deploy an application for Auterion Enterprise PX4:

  1. Open the OEM Toolkit page in the Manufacturer tab of the Auterion Suite in your browser. Download the Auterion OEM Tools (e.g. aepx4-oem-tools-x.y.z.zip) and unzip the file. Inside the extracted directory you will find all scripts and tools needed to work with Auterion Enterprise PX4.

  2. Change into the unzipped directory and within the unzipped developer tools folder execute the setup command below

    cd aepx4-oem-tools-x.y.z
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. Don't forget to reboot your computer afterwards, particularly in order for the Unix user permissions to be applied properly.

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