AMC 1.10.0

Before installing the latest Android version of the Auterion Mission Control, uninstall and remove the old version.


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

New Features

  • The gimbal heading and the camera coverage is now indicated on the fly view with an overlay drawing over the area that the camera covers.

  • A USB notification icon is added to the camera controls to indicate when a USB drive is plugged into Skynode. The presence of a USB enables the "quick" survey workflow with survey images saved directly on the USB. (Compatible only with AEPX4 2.1 and newer)

  • A visual way to preview and load the recently saved missions has been added along with a quick load button for the most recent saved mission.

  • The full support of the A7R IV Camera has been added and the list of the officially supported cameras has been updated. (Compatible only with AEPX4 2.1 and newer)

  • A Quick Switch button between Thermal and Normal video streaming in Trillium HD40-LV camera has been added. (Compatible only with AEPX4 2.1 and a Trillium HD40-LV Camera)

Improvements / Resolved issues

  • MAVLink gimbal v2 protocol has been fully integrated in Auterion Mission Control.

  • Additional survey workflow improvements have been implemented:

    • The Gimbal points 90 deg down by default when a survey mission is executed.

    • During Mission planning the survey green overlay is easily selectable by just clicking on the green overlay.

    • During Mission planning the survey is automatically selected for adaptation after it is added.

    • An issue blocking the Circular survey option has been resolved.

  • The Camera control UI has been adapted to the Herelink screen for maximum usability.

  • The AuterionOS update and the WiFi menu settings are now made visible in basic user settings.

  • At the Wifi settings menu the "Show password" option was added.

  • Auterion Mission Control is now notifying the user when a Microhard radio was used but not connected.

  • The following issues have been resolved:

    • During Mission planning the flight path prediction was not updated when a loiter point was moved.

    • Auterion Mission Control was blocking the AuterionOS update after a failure during update process.

    • A video related issue after a camera re-connection was leading the program to not respond.

    • The icon that represented the COT used to be inaccurate.

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