APX4 2.1.0


Please ensure to use Auterion Mission Control v1.10.0 or newer:

pageAMC 1.10.0

New Features


  • Battery-based RTL. Triggering of RTL now takes remaining estimated flight time into account including wind estimates.

  • Nudging on Landing. During landing the user can now nudge the vehicle horizontally to fine adjust the landing location while the autonomous landing operation continues.

  • Fixed-Wing and VTOL main and alternate motor support. Add support for configurations which have a preferred (main) motor in fixed wing flight.The flight controller uses only the main motor only when possible to save energy.

  • Added support for Mavlink Gimbal Protocol V2.

  • Updated protocol for LightWare distance sensors. Added support for the LightWare LW20/c.

  • Send battery fault data to the ground station.

  • Added option to adjust the hysteresis time of range finders sensor quality.

  • Include EKF failures in preflight checks.

  • Extend configurable failsafe delay to all modes in order to not trigger failsafes too aggressively.

  • On multicopters, lock down yaw when waypoint is reached.

  • Added parameter to completely disable internal barometers.

  • Allow RC override through RC/joystick throttle and yaw changes and extend COM_RC_OVERRIDE parameter bitmask to allow ignoring throttle when required.


  • Improved offboard temperature calibration scripting.

Bug fixes


  • Vertical velocity controller has wrongly negated derivative term in some cases.

  • No logging and timestamp in Low-Battery RTL message.

  • Preflight check not allowing takeoff in winds above 4m/s.

  • Parameter changes lost on rapid reboot.

  • False positives of ESC telemetry timeout.

  • Too high stream rate for GIMBAL_MANAGER_STATUS messages.

  • Factory reset causes the sensor IDs to be reset, leading the sensor specific parameters like the rotation to be reset as well, even when defined in startup scripts.

  • Thrust cuts on motor saturation.

  • During VTOL landing, in some cases the vehicle does not climb to correct altitude.

  • Wind-speed estimation in fixed wing not available in some cases.

  • When flying to the border of link reception often the link would drop in and out intermittently, leading to the failsafe getting triggered over and over again and the delay for the action starting over and over again getting the drone stuck at the border of reception.


  • Battery info being published twice in uORB.

  • In the hardfault logger, a corruption of the stack pointer leads to a corruption of the hardfault log before it is dumped.

  • Thermal calibration module unduly throws an error for sensors without thermal compensation.

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