Wiring without Breakout Boards

Instructions on how to wire peripherals directly to Skynode without using the breakout boards

The breakout boards shipped with the Evaluation Kit offer flexibility during exploration and prototype phase. For a tighter hardware integration, devices can be wired directly to the Pico-Clasp connectors on Skynode such that the breakout boards become obsolete.

Required tools


Wiring Devices to the Pico-Clasp Connectors

Example: Freefly RTK GPS module

*There are also other options to chose here as those signals appear multiple times on the Pico-Clasp connector J4. Make sure to use the correct supply voltage for your peripheral. For the GPS this would be VDD_5V_CAN1_GPS1 (pin 22 or 40). For other peripherals check the Datasheet under "Peripheral Power Domains".

The I2C pins exist only once one each Pico-Clasp connector. If you would like to connect multiple I2C devices on the same I2C bus you can split the I2C line using a Y-cable

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