Evaluation Kit

This section contains information about components of the AI Node Evaluation Kit.


Supported Components

The contents of our evaluation kit can slightly change in the future as we adapt to availability on the market and our customer's needs. The actual list of parts in your kit will be visible on the quote you'll receive. This is a list of all components that were in the evaluation kit at some point, and therefore compatible with AI Node.

ImagePart NumberDescription

900-00022 rev 2

AI Node


rev 7


Used to break out the AI Node IO port into Pixhawk-standard compatible connectors/pinouts.


rev 04

IO CABLE Molex Pico-Clasp 40-pin (AI Node to Pixhawk adapter board cable)


rev 1

Micro USB Micro USB to USB-A (AI Node to ground station cable for developers)


rev 01

CAMERA USB webcam manufactured by ELP


rev 04

AINODE PWR Power cable for XT60 supply

115-00032 rev 01

ETH DEVELOPER Cable JST GH 9-pin to RJ45 (Ethernet to developer host)

115-00034 rev 01

ETH SKYNODE Cable JST GH 9-pin to JST GH 4-pin (Ethernet connection between AI Node - Skynode, and AI Node - Microhard)

115-00038 rev 01

CAMERA CABLE Cable, FFC Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3 MIPI CSI camera, 150mm

870-00005 rev 01

CAMERA Sensor, Camera Module, Raspberry Pi v2

880-00021 rev 01

USB ADAPTER Adapter, USB 3.0 A to USB-C (OTG)

115-00036 rev 01

PWR ADAPTER XT60 Parallel Splitter 1m2f

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