Legacy DSM/DSMX Support

Skynode is designed to be used with S.BUS receivers. Usage of a Spektrum DSMX receiver is discouraged but possible.

It is possible to use a Spektrum DSMX satellite receiver like the SPM9745 and a transmitter like the NX6 with the Skynode with three limitations:

  1. The cable is not included in the Skynode Evaluation Kit. It can be assembled from JST-GH and Spektrum cables that ship with the Spektrum devices.

  2. The receiver cannot be bound using Skynode. It has to be bound to the transmitter before use, which is the factory default when a set is bought.

  3. It needs a 3.3V power supply which is not on the remote control port of the Skynode, but available from e.g. the GPS port.

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