First steps

How to get started with Auterion Mission Control?

First time set up

The first time you start Auterion Mission Control you will be guided by an easy-to-follow onboarding wizard. You'll be able to register your vehicle in the Auterion Suite just in a few steps.

Onboarding wizard step by step:

  1. Agree to the End-user Licence Agreement and continue.

  1. If you have a Skynode DevKit, connect your vehicle via USB-C cable to your computer. For Production Vehicles refer to the OEM specific manual.

  1. As soon as the vehicle connects to the GCS, AMC will detect the connection with a green checkmark.

  1. Internet connectivity: this step is only necessary if your vehicle or Skynode is not equipped with a simcard. During this stage, the system will verify the LTE internet connectivity. In case no internet connectivity is detected, you will be prompted to fill in Wifi details.

  1. Scanning the QR code (or clicking on the link), will bring you to the Auterion Suite sign-in page. Once the registration is completed the vehicle is automatically registered in the Suite.

  1. After registration, cloud features like real-time telemetry data, automatic picture upload and live video feed in Auterion Suite can now be used. Select your Auterion Suite configurations.

  1. Select the measurement units. You can select the system unit to change all units or you can change individually each unit. Please note: to apply these changes you'll need to restart AMC.

The onboarding wizard is completed, you can now start using AMC to control your vehicle!

Pilot Login from AMC

Pilots can log in to their Suite account directly from AMC. This enables automatic pilot flight hours tracking in the Auterion Suite.

Make sure you log out (and log in again) if someone else is sharing your ground station.

User Account View can be used to log in/logout of the current pilot from Auterion Mission Control. Login credentials are stored until the user logs out.

After selecting the Log in button a webpage will be opened in your default browser:

  1. Login to your Auterion account

  2. Authorize access to Mission Control if needed

  3. Open Mission Control (which will now show you as logged in)

  4. You're now successfully logged in!

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