Connecting the Antenna

There are several antennas included in the Evaluation Kit. One for the LTE, one for the Data Link module, and one for Wi-Fi. These antenna cables are not interchangeable. Make sure to pick the white antenna for the Wi-Fi.

What you will need for this step:

  • Skynode Enterprise

  • Antenna WIFI (white)




Skynode supports two Wifi modes:

  • Access Point Mode (default): Skynode creates a WiFi access point ("hotspot") that a ground station can connect to for WiFi telemetry. The default SSID is: skynode-<serialnumber>.

  • Station Mode: Skynode automatically connects to an existing local WiFi network using supplied credentials. If this WiFi also provides internet access, Skynode will connect to the Auterion Suite). The WPA2-PSK encryption standard and a minimum password length of 8 characters are required.

Skynode enables Access Point Mode by default. Enable Station Mode in order to connect to Auterion Suite over WiFi and automatically upload logs.

WiFi mode is configured through Auterion Mission Control (AMC) under the tab Vehicle Setup > WiFi.

The WiFi settings in AMC are

  • Enable WiFi (checkbox): Select to enable.

  • Status: Green (Connected) | Red (Disconnected)

  • WiFi Mode: Access Point | Station Mode.

  • SSID: skynode-<serialnumber> (default)

  • Password: 1234567890 (default)

The SSID and Password fields are used to set the values of the access point point being created, or the network that the remote system should connect to (in Station Mode).

Connect with AMC to Skynode via WiFi

Skynode's Wifi access point provides an alternative mechanism for creating a connection between Skynode and Auterion Mission Control in addition to the data link radios and USB-C.

What you will need for this step:

  • Skynode Enterprise

  • WiFi antenna, which should already be attached

When connecting to the Wifi access point of Skynode an IP address is automatically assigned to the connected laptop or computer.



Ground Control Station



  1. Make sure Skynode is powered and disconnect the USB-C cable if it is connected

  2. Open Auterion Mission Control in Fly View. This will initially display "Waiting for a vehicle"

  3. Open the computer's WiFi settings and connect to Skynode:

    • Default SSID: skynode-<serialnumber>.

    • Default Password: 1234567890

  4. Auterion Mission Control will connect to Skynode and display it as Vehicle 1 in the top bar

Software updates of Skynode over the Wifi connection are currently not supported. Please connect via USB-C to upgrade to a new release.

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