AMC 1.10.1

Before installing the latest Android version of the Auterion Mission Control, uninstall and remove the old version.


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

AOS 2.1.1

New Features

New features targeting a more intuitive mission planning and flying:

  • A new tool that enables distance and area measurements with the use of map pins has been added.

  • When a mission is loaded the takeoff position is automatically adjusted to match vehicle's actual position.

  • The change flight speed waypoint is also available for users running the non developer mode.

  • The clear mission button is now enabled even without an active vehicle connection.

  • The radius length is now visible on the screen when an orbit action is planned.

  • The orbit action radius cannot be smaller than a vehicle defined minimum value.

  • A more mobile friendly slider is now used to give the input for various numerical fields.

  • A new set of info and warning messages have been added in order to handle smart batteries more effectively.

New features related with the Herelink ground-station controller:

  • A mixed architecture that uses direct SBUS and MAVLink messages for the communication with the vehicle has been added.

  • The ability to map custom actions transferred though MAVLink on specific Herelink buttons have been added.

Optimisation features for mobile devices with limited resources:

  • Map tile caching is only enabled when Offline Map UI is active.

  • An option to enable/disable the camera on map projection has been added.

  • A camera setting to clear photo icons from the map has been added.

  • The 3D scene information is only updated when it is visible.

  • The photo gallery is now downloading thumbnails of the captured images. Full sized images are downloaded only on demand to handle bandwidth issues caused by large high resolution images.

Improvements / Resolved issues

  • A new status code indicating that Skynode has currently no LTE or WiFi capability has been added.

  • Camera pitch and yaw are made configurable for surveys.

  • The MAVLink console has been made more user friendly.

  • The snapshot sound is played only when a camera command is successful.

The following issues have been resolved:

  • At specific cases a false "in-air fault" message was showing.

  • At specific cases after mission load the terrain violation indication was not updated.

  • The map panning behaviour on Herelink was not responsive at some cases during corridor scans and surveys.

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