Connecting to a device

This short guide shows how to connect to a device, select it and list the applications installed on it.

Connect the device to your development machine

A Skynode will serve as an example throughout this chapter on how to connect and make use of some of the main Auterion CLI functionalities.

Power up the device

Attach the device to its power supply module and thereafter insert the electrical plug inside a power socket. The device should automatically start. If any problem arises, refer to the "Get Skynode ready" guide on how to appropriately power up Skynode.

Connect the device to your development computer using a USB cable.

Discover connected devices

We are now ready to leverage the preparation work done up to this point and finally make use of the Auterion CLI tool. To discover the devices connected to your development machine, open a new terminal and execute the following command:

auterion-cli device discover

As a result you should be presented with a list of all the devices directly connected to your system as well as the devices connected to your local network.

$ auterion-cli device discover

Found devices
selected       serial  version    addresses
----------  ---------  ---------  -------------
            000007002  v2.7.7     {''}

If you want to learn how to connect your Skynode to your local network, follow the "Skynode - Wifi connection" guide.

Selecting a device

Selecting a device serves the purpose of targeting the following auterion-cli commands towards that precise device. When using commands to get information or to act on a specific device, those will be executed on the selected device.

In the case you have not selected any device, Auterion CLI will automatically choose and select the USB connected device, if available.

The command to select a device looks as follows:

auterion-cli device select <serial number>

If the selection was successful, the following response will be printed inside your terminal window:

$ auterion-cli device select 000007002

Selected device with ID 000007002 on address

If multiple devices are connected to your machine, it is possible to verify which, if any, device is selected by using the previously explained device discover command:

$ auterion-cli device discover

Found devices
selected       serial  version    addresses
----------  ---------  ---------  -------------
*           000007002  v2.7.7     {''}

The selected device will be logically labeled with a * under the selected column.

Show a list of installed apps on a selected device

In order to get a list of all installed Apps and their status on a selected device the following command can be used:

auterion-cli app list

The resulting list will be published on your terminal window as shown below:

$ auterion-cli app list

Name                   Version    Status    Enable    Services              Status    Enable
---------------------  ---------  --------  --------  --------------------  --------  --------
app-base-v0            v0         stopped   disabled  base-image            exited    exited
com.auterion.test-app  0.0.1      running   enabled   test-app              running   running

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