Set Orientations

By default the flight controller and any external compass(es) should be placed on the frame top-side up, oriented so that the front of the controller (often indicated by an arrow) points towards the front of the vehicle. If the controller or any external compasses are mounted in any other orientation then you will need to update this setting.

The yaw, pitch and/or roll offsets are calculated relative to the forward-facing-upright orientation (clock-wise rotation around the Z, Y and X axis, respectively). This frame is referred to as the body frame, and the default orientation as ROTATION_NONE.

A yaw rotation of 90 degrees clockwise around the z axis (so that the controller faces along the y-axis / over the wing) is ROTATION_YAW_90. A roll rotation of 180 degrees around the x axis (upside down) and yaw 90 degrees would be ROTATION_ROLL_180_YAW_90. These, and many other roll, yaw and pitch combinations may be selected.

To set orientations:

  1. Select the Vehicle Overview > Sensors > Set Orientations in the left sidebar.

  1. At this point a Menu on the right-hand side should appear. Set the orientation for both, "Autopilot orientation" and the "External Compass 1" by choosing the appropriate options from the dropdown menu.

  2. Press OK to finish.

After changing the orientation you will need to reboot the vehicle to apply the changes.

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