Wiring AI Node to Skynode


In order to be able to test connection, you must first power Skynode and AI Node.

Ethernet connection

AI Node is connected to Skynode via 100Mbps Ethernet. This allows for the fastest possible data link to Skynode, as well as an easy way to share internet, bridge network devices.

For the connection, use ETH Skynode cable (item 115-00034) which is part of AI Node Eval Kit. Connect 4 pin GH ETH on Skynode to 9 pin GH ETH0 on AI Node. Your data link setup should look like the following:

Both ETH0 and ETH1 can be used for Skynode connection. However, it is recommended to use ETH0, as it is preconfigured for easier setup with Skynode, while ETH1 will require a manual configuration.

When configuring AI Node as bridge, ETH0 shall be used. In order to use ETH1, network services will have to be modified.

Once connected, enable Internet Sharing with Skynode, or enable AI Node as bridge in order to establish a data link and test the connection. As an alternative you can manually configure the network devices on both ends to suite your needs.

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