Power AI Node


As AI Node is designed to work in pair with Skynode, this and the following guides will assume that you already have followed Skynode's getting-started guides, and that Skynode is up and running.

Powering and using AI Node will also require some of the components of Skynode Eval Kit, for example in this case, 6S Power Module (item 810-00006).

The AI Node requires at least 30 Watts power supply to operate. See specifications for details.

Powering AI node

Standard method with Power Module

Unlike Skynode, AI Node has wide range of input voltages and can be powered directly off a 6S battery. Assuming you already have powered Skynode, simply connect the XT60 splitter (item 115-00036) to the output of 6S Power Module, followed by AI Node Power cable (item 115-00039), both of which are included in AI Node Eval Kit. You should get setup as in the picture below:

In the setup shown above, both Skynode as well as Radio Air unit can be connected to the same Power Module.

Alternative Setup via RF Module Port on the Power Module

In case you have our Microhard Communication Kit and are currently not using it, you can use the Radio Power Cable from the kit and connect AI Node directly to dedicated Radio power connector on the Power Module.

Using a Lab Power Supply

For development or testing purposes you can power AI Node without our Power Module by connecting Skynode's Power Adapter (item 170-00002), followed by Barrel Adapter (item 115-00050) and finally AI Node Power cable (item 115-00039). In theory, you can power AI Node with any power adapter, as long as you stay within specified input voltage range and the power adapter is able to provide required power.

When using a lab power supply make sure to set the current limiter high enough to provide AI Node with at least 25 Watts of power.

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