Level horizon calibration

Level Horizon Calibration is used to compensate for small miss-alignments in controller orientation and to level the horizon in the Auterion Mission Control Fly View.

Leveling the horizon is highly recommended, and will result in the best flight performance.

To level the horizon:

  1. Place the vehicle in its level flight orientation on a level surface:

    • For planes this is the position during level flight (planes tend to have their wings slightly pitched up!)

    • For copters this is the hover position.

  2. Select Vehicle Overview > Sensors > Level Horizon in the left sidebar.

  3. Click OK to start the calibration.

  4. Wait until the calibration process is finished (the Level Horizon status will turn green).

After the orientation is set and level-horizon calibration is complete, check in the flight view that the heading in the compass shows a value around 0 when you point the vehicle towards north and that the horizon is level (blue on top and green on bottom).

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