AI Node AOS 1.0.0

It is strongly recommended to use this release (or above), as:

  • Nvidia Jetpack upgrade can potentially make some CUDA applications incompatible out of the box with older versions of AOS

  • A lot of AI Node specific tailoring was performed

  • This release takes less storage, includes more features, and is more secure

New Features

  • Upgraded to Nvidia Jetpack 4.6/r32.6.1 (from Nvidia Jetpack 4.5/r32.5)

  • Evaluate auterion.env for configuring default gateway/network configuration

  • Added ability to remove apps from device via Suite

  • Added MCAP storage package for ROS

What Improved

  • Update size reduced by 20% / system partition takes ~2gb less

  • Improved device security - disabled ability to boot from external devices (USB, SD card, network)

  • Reduced boot time by ~5 seconds

  • Docker apps workflow improvements/optimization

  • Update workflow improvements: log cleanup, warnings fixes, configured timeout and retry poll count

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed software reboot occasionally breaking device until next power cycle under certain conditions

  • Fixed gstreamer not working with libnvarguscamerasrc within docker applications. Issue was introduced in ainode-v0.7.0.

  • Fixed Local Vehicle Dashboard not loading when Suite Service is broken

  • Fixed services ordering, which could occasionally lead to incorrect provisioning after update

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