Register Skynode

To use your Skynode to it's full potential, you will need to register it with the Auterion suite. This will give you access to firmware updates as well as all suite related services. Ensure that you followed the previous steps "Get Skynode ready" and "Power Skynode" before continuing with the registration.

Registration process

  1. The first step to register your Skynode is to get access to the Auterion Suite. Head to and log in if your organization already have an Auterion account. If this is not the case, go ahead and create a new account. Once you have a valid and functioning account, you are ready to register Skynode.

  2. Connect your Skynode to the PC/Laptop using the USB cable and open a web browser of your choice. At this point connect to Skynode by typing in the address bar of your web browser to access the Skynode Web UI.

  3. Just follow the instructions to register and activate Skynode. The registration process could take some time, wait until a confirmation message is displayed.

Once Skynode has been registered continue to the next step to connect it to Auterion Mission Control.

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