AOS 2.7.15


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with APX4 2.7.6:

pageAPX4 2.7.6

Please use Auterion Mission Control 1.17.9 or newer with this version of AOS:

pageAMC 1.17.9

If you are updating from a version older than 2.4, please first update to 2.5 before updating to 2.7 otherwise an error message will be displayed in the Skynode web UI.

What's new

  • AuterionOS apps status and control in the Skynode web UI and in the suite

  • SIYI - ground control station support

  • Trillium HD40LV - illumination laser support

  • Onboard video recording. The videos will be stored on an external USB drive plugged into Skynode

  • Auterion CLI app development workflow support

  • Safe landing support with Intel Realsense sensor (Beta)

  • Trellisware - radio support (Beta)

  • Edge Autonomy Epsilon - payload support (Beta)

What improved

  • Improved mission computer SD card handling. This fixes some instabilities when mounting the SD card. at boot, such as AuterionOS apps not starting correctly or photos not being stored.

  • RemoteID

    • Improved WiFi connection when RemoteID is enabled

    • Manufacturer ID and default WiFi channel are now configurable

    • Set the system to standby if RemoteID is still disabled on older vehicles. This will allow older vehicles to fly without RemoteID. Once RemoteID is enabled it cannot be disabled anymore by the user

    • RemoteID will stop transmitting beacon messages when WiFi is on in either AP or STATION modes

    • Report an error state when the autopilot GPS times out

  • Sony A7R payload

    • Improved triggering consistency

    • Adapt aperture range when using the Sigma 24mm lens

    • Added support for focus area settings

    • Improve reliability when changing camera settings

    • Limit possible combinations of camera SD card slots used. Now slot 1 is always mandatory and slot 2 can be used for backup if slot 1 is also used

    • Fixed issue that would cause switching between photo and video mode to fail

    • Prevent photo triggering when the image destination is set to “both” and one between the camera SD card and the Skynode USB stick is missing

  • Nextvision payload

    • Payload detection for NightHawk2-UZ and Raptor model

    • New gimbal manual modes: Observation, GRR, Stow

    • Enable gimbal pan and tilt controls using RC channels. This can be useful for GCSs that send some channels over SBUS or some other protocols instead of manual control over MAVLink

    • Introduced camera setting to set video stream bitrate

    • Restore previous gimbal manual mode after POI or object tracking are stopped

    • New mechanism to expose gimbal modes to the GCS. This is to have a more polished UI in AMC and to be consistent with other gimbals

    • Improved stability of the storage information sent to AMC depending on which storage is selected

  • Workswell Wiris Pro payload

    • General stability improvements both in AuterionOS and in the camera firmware from the camera manufacturer.

    • Setting to choose which photo and video formats to store and where to store them

    • Settings to modify temperature ranges for the IR stream

    • Override default camera IP with the PAYLOAD_MNG_CTRL_IP_WIRIS environment variable

    • Override camera login credentials with the PAYLOAD_MNG_CTRL_FTP_USERNAME_WIRIS and PAYLOAD_MNG_CTRL_FTP_PASSWORD_WIRIS environment variable

    • Don’t show IR-related settings while in EO mode

    • Fixed video streaming stability

    • Fixed video recording in AMC

  • Trillium HD40LV payload - new mechanism to expose gimbal modes to the GCS

  • Payload Manager: Major video pipeline improvements to make the video stream more stable independently from the payload used

  • Introduced new metadata namespace in pictures: Pixhawk namespace

  • Option to assign multiple IP addresses on the Skynode ethernet interface (eth0)

  • Diagnostic report - increase number of logs in the diagnostic report to improve customer support

  • Monitor FMU hardfault logging from the mission computer

  • Enhanced registration UI on the Skynode webpage

  • Enable the cp21x USB to UART driver

  • Clean up Skynode storage when an app is upgraded. Any files related to the previous version will be cleared to save storage.

  • 3 GB additional space in the AuterionOS artifact to include custom apps

  • Fixed GCS autoconnection to a vehicle at boot if it has already been paired before to the same vehicle before

  • Fixed an issue that could lead the pairing cache to get corrupted on the vehicle side forcing the user to pair again

  • Fixed RSSI reporting from the radio on the vehicle to AMC

  • Fixed how AuterionOS advertises its video RTSP server URL to AMC. This could have caused a corner case where the video did not show up in AMC at boot

  • Fixed issue that could cause MAVLink traffic from the vehicle to stop after disconnecting from its TCP mavlink endpoint

  • Revert back to previous value when camera setting fails to change value

  • Skynode Factory Reset

    • Fixed functionality to work reliably also when AuterionOS apps are installed

    • Fixed an issue where the Release Name would not show up anymore on the Skynode web page after a reset

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wifi channel negotiation to fail in certain regions

  • Disabled ethernet auto negotiation. Skynode does not support Gigabit ethernet and this was causing periodic 3 second drops on the ethernet traffic between Skynode and other devices that support Gigabit ethernet (eg. AINode)

  • Fixed an issue with the Skynode web UI caching that could cause some browsers to still show the UI from the previous release after an update

  • Fixed photo upload to the suite when using a USB stick as image storage on Skynode

  • Fixed issue with log rotation that could cause Skynodes to fill up some parts of its storage

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