Get Skynode ready

Required components:

Preparation for the LTE connection

In order to get Skynode online you will need to use the LTE connection, it is therefore advisable to connect the antennas and check that the SIM card is inserted before powering the module.

Connect the LTE Antennas

Connect the two antennas to the respective MMCX connectors on the right side of Skynode near the SIM card slot (see picture below). Note that the antenna connectors fit tightly due to their locking mechanism and need to be pressed into the socket. You should hear a "click" when the connectors are properly seated.

Verify the presence of the SIM card

The Skynode Enterprise Evaluation Kit normally comes with a pre-installed SIM card. If this is not the case or if you want to insert your own SIM card follow the LTE Setup guide.

Prepare the power supply

Connect Skynode PWR 1 (J5) port to the power module using the PWR SKND 5V cable.

Only use the Molex Micro-Lock Plus 6-pin cable included in the kit!

Similar cables (e.g. from Digikey) may not be compatible with Skynode.

Connect the power module to the supplied adapter cable PWR ADAPTER XT60.

Connect the PWR ADAPTER XT60 cable to the AC/DC power supply (24V, 36W) and complete the assembly by adding the correct plug socket adapter.

Everything should now be ready to power up and start your Skynode, go to the next section "Power Skynode" to continue the setup.

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