Vehicle Serial Number

How the vehicle Serial Number for RemoteID is generated

As of AuterionOS 2.5.5, the vehicle's default serial number in Remote ID uses Auterion's registered manufacturing code, followed by a single character indicating the length of the device serial number, followed by the device serial number itself. In the case of Skynode it's the Skynode's hard-coded UUID.

The resulting vehicle serial number thus looks like: 17269123456789

Bit PositionContentMeaning



Auterion's manufacturer code



The length of Skynode UUIDs


123456789 (example)

Skynode UUID from it's read-only memory

In AuterionOS 2.7 OEMs are able to override the manufacturer code with a custom value, in addition to configuring an extra custom ID. See the following page for more details:

Remote ID configuration

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