Remote ID

The Remote ID version was added in AuterionOS 2.5.5 and AMC version 1.14.6. In order for Remote ID to function, AuterionOS and AMC need the aforementioned version or newer to be installed on your vehicle and ground station.

Every drone sold in the US after September 22nd, 2022 is required to implement Remote ID. The EU and other countries will likely follow. With the upcoming software releases AuterionOS 2.5.5 and AMC 1.14.6, Auterion is providing the tools to be compliant with Remote ID requirements. AuterionOS is using WiFi Beacons to broadcast the Remote ID data at 3 Hz.

The drone manufacturer is ultimately responsible for making sure that a specific vehicle model fulfills all Remote ID requirements. For example, a WiFi antenna needs to be connected to Skynode and exposed, such that Remote ID information can be broadcast.

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