AOS 2.15.7


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with the following APX4 release:

pageAPX4 2.7.25

Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion Mission Control with this version of AOS:

pageAMC 1.22.3

If you are updating from a version older than 2.4, please first update to the latest 2.5 before updating to the latest version, otherwise an error message will be displayed in the Skynode web UI.

What's new

  • Added setting in the Skynode web page to configure vehicle timezone. When set this will be used to name the photo folders based on the local time

  • New AuterionOS logging service. In addition to the APX4 log upload to the suite this service enables uploading logs also from ROS2 and AuterionOS

  • Automatic photo upload to the Auterion Suite

    • Faster upload speeds

    • Increased reliability of the photo upload service running on the vehicle

    • Exposed photo upload progress to the AMC UI


  • New MAVLink tracker API to support third party object trackers that want to be controlled by AMC and send back tracking boxes to draw on top of the video stream by the GCS.

  • Optimized video streaming to the GCS by reducing the number of data spikes over the radio link

What improved


  • Improve the Sony A7RIV triggering consistency during surveys. The jitter between triggers is now significantly reduced

  • In release 2.12 an issue was fixed to not duplicate video streams when AMC disconnects and reconnects from the vehicle. This fix introduced a regression that would cause the video stream to freeze when switching between EO and IR on the Trillium payloads. The issue was very rare but could disrupt the ISR mission because video would only work in EO mode until the next power cycle. A fix was introduced in this release to also fix this new regression

  • Fix issue that would cause the PPK status in AMC to be incorrect. In some cases the processing popup would never show up while in other cases it would show up but nevergo away


  • Do not upload photos to the suite that are taken while the drone is disarmed

  • Fix suite live streaming issue that could cause the video to drop if any event caused the video stream between the camera and Skynode to drop. This would not recover until the next power cycle in some cases

  • Fix issue that would sometimes cause the Wifi settings to be unavailable or out of sync with the vehicle

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