AMC 1.14.0


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

New Features

  • Add SelectAll/DeselectAll buttons to Photo Gallery

  • Add Herelink RSSI info

  • Compass Rose selection

  • Enable Survey Resume

  • Resume interrrupeted photo download

  • Photo download progress

  • FlightMode Init

  • Add trigger index to Capture command - Camera Controls

  • Parachute preflight UI

  • Pilot Login on Herelink

What improved

  • GPS Icon change

  • Constrain RTL min/max values for VTOL

  • Better visualize selected survey options

  • Parameter Editor dropdown

  • Pairing Manager updates

  • COT Improvements

  • PIP Window Updates

  • Remove CustomCameraControl debug output

  • Preflight failure severity

  • Photo tags instead of PNGs

  • Display only manual settings when in manual mode - Camera

  • VTOL Safe Area refactor

  • Terrain Collision updates

  • Force home land approach - VTOL

  • Emergency Stop, send terminate command

  • Move VideoReceiver to decodebin3

  • Video smoothness on Herelink

  • Progress notification for flight log analysis

  • Enable preflight parachute check only if parachute required

  • Disable 'Take Photo', 'Record Video' if not supported

  • Survey Size modifications

  • Improve Herelink RSSI logic

  • Radio detection

  • Disable Takeoff if no home position - VTOL

  • Randomize Microhard connection newtork ID

  • Camera settings list update after mode switch

  • Display SNR instead of RSSI when available

  • Minor UI updates

Bug fixes

  • Fix Waypoint bug

  • Validate activeVehicle before access

  • Correct Mode Switch display - PX4SimpleFlightModes

  • Survey/Corridor Altitude bug

  • Terrain Collision bugs

  • Crash when removing Takeoff waypoint

  • Photo Icons not being shown

  • Silvus bug fixes

  • String formatting for Camera detection

  • Crash on vehicle disconnect

  • Terrain collision bug when deleting waypoints

  • Corridor Scan return path camera trigger bug

  • Mission Settings Altitude bugs

  • Vehicle disconnect detection

  • Multicopter RTL trigger

  • Misc bug fixes

  • Misc QML bug fixes

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