Advanced Radio Settings

The following is applicable to Skynavs equipped with one of the radios listed below:

  • Microhard pDDL1800- 1.8 GHz

  • Microhard pMDDL2450 - 2.4 GHz

Additional Microhard settings in AMC

The "Pair Vehicle" button in AMC will typically allow the user to pair the Skynav radio to an air vehicle. Detailed instructions for pairing in AMC can be found in our Microhard guide.

AMC also has the ability to change additional Microhard settings. These are found in the "Settings" > "Microhard" menu as shown below.

For AMC to utilize the Skynav Microhard radio, several fields will be filled out appropriately. If these settings are correct, AMC will list the Ground Unit in green as "Connected". The settings required for AMC to recognize the Microhard are:

  • Local IP Address (default "")

  • Configuration User Name (default "admin")

  • Configuration Password (default "microhard", and "auterionfct" after loading the auterion configuration)

If your Skynav unit was shipped with an alternate configuration, this information will be listed in the supplied shipping documents.

The remainder of the radio settings on this page will be applied to the radio connection when in-use. Note that when AMC is in "Pairing Mode", the settings shown above will be overridden with those specified in the pairing menu if they are different, including Encryption Key, Network ID, and Pairing Channel.

Microhard web UI

If changes are made in the Microhard web page such as the IP address, login name, or login password: AMC will need to be updated to reflect these new values. Otherwise, AMC will list the Ground Unit as "Disconnected".

  • In order to access the advanced radio settings for your particular radio you will need to navigate to the Microhard IP address and enter the correct password

    • The IP address of your radio should be unless otherwise specified in your shipping documents.

    • Default password

      • The default password for your radio is "microhard". This information is also included with you shipment.

  • If you would like to change the default password of your Microhard radio, you can do so by navigating to the Microhard web portal > Admin > Change Password and press the Change password button to save your changes.

  • Summary page

    • Once logged into your the Microhard hard web browser you will be able to see the Microhard summary page, with relevant information of the device.

  • Encryption

    • Your Skynav can be configured as AES128 or AES256. To configure your Skynav with either one of the settings, navigate to the Microhard web portal > Wireless > RF

When switching back and forth between different encryption types, make sure your aircraft firmware is compatible

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