Review and manage the company's fleet

The vehicle's page shows all vehicles that have been associated with your company organized into vehicle types:

Click on a specific vehicle to open up a more detailed overview containing information on the vehicle's health, recent flights and more data points:

Where to find common vehicle actions

ActionVehicle List (All vehicles)Vehicle Overview (Single vehicle)Manufacturer

Contact your Suite Administrator if any of the above options are not available

Register a Vehicle

Registering a vehicle associates it with your company in the Suite and allows that vehicle to be managed A vehicle must be registered in the Suite to view logs, update software, and receive analytics and more.

To register a vehicle:

  1. Click the "Register vehicle" button in the top right corner of the Vehicle List

  2. Enter the vehicle's serial number and optionally provide a friendly name to the vehicle. The serial number will be provided by the manufacturer

  3. Click "Register"

Create a Vehicle

This option is only available for manufacturers

Watch our instructional video on how to create a new vehicle here.

Creating a new vehicle in the Suite will create a fresh vehicle with no prior identity. This allows a new vehicle to be created with complete selection of serial numbers and hardware IDs. This should only be done when manually flashing serial numbers and IDs. For Skynodes and ready-to-fly vehicles the registration should be used instead.

To create a vehicle:

  1. Navigate to the "Manufacturer" section and select the "Models" tab

  2. Click the "+ New Vehicle" button for the model that you would like to create

  3. Enter the vehicle's known serial numbers and IDs (other IDs can be added later)

  4. Click "Create"

Rename a vehicle

  1. Select a vehicle from the Vehicle List **** so that you are on that vehicle's Overview

  2. Click "Actions" in the top-right corner and select "Rename"

  3. Enter the new name and click "Save"

Vehicle Identity

A vehicle is a collection of parts. An airframe, a Skynode, a flight controller, and more. These various pieces of the vehicle make up the complete "vehicle identity."

To view the serial numbers and IDs of the components associated with a given vehicle, click the "fingerprint" button near the vehicle's name on the Vehicle Page.

This will open up a window that shows all of the IDs of the components that make up the vehicle in the Suite. Each ID controls a specific component. For example, the flight controller ID is how the logs coming out of a flight controller as associated with the vehicle page in the Suite.

Manufacturers can use the vehicle identity modal to modify a vehicle's identity. This is useful when adding values during the manufacturing process or when building prototype hardware.

Update a vehicle

  1. Select a vehicle from the Vehicle List **** so that you are on that vehicle's Overview

  2. Click "Actions" in the top-right corner and select "Update"

    • If it is possible to update the vehicle, a menu will be shown with available software versions.

  3. Select the version you would like to deploy

  4. Click "Confirm"

Do not attempt to deploy updates to vehicles that are currently or scheduled to be deployed. Update in advance and in accordance with your particular drone program's guidelines.

This feature is available on the Starter plan and up

Archive / Restore

Archiving and restoring vehicles is purely an organization mechanic to keep the main vehicle list clean, and focused on the drones that are actively being used.

  1. Select the vehicle to archive and navigate to the Vehicle Overview page

  2. Select "Archive" or "Restore" from the "Actions" menu

    • Note: Only "Archive" or "Restore" will be shown. You can only restore archived vehicles, and archive active vehicles.

  3. Review the changes

  4. Confirm by clicking "Archive" or "Restore" accodringly

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