AOS 3.3.9


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with the following APX4 release:

APX4 3.0.8

Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion Mission Control with this version of AOS:

AMC 1.30.17

What's new

  • Allow manufacturers to override the Skynode default Wifi access point SSID using the AP_CONFIGURE_AP_SSID environment variable

  • Allow manufacturers to install default app settings together with the default apps using the Auterion oem tools

  • Add option to always use the Skynode serial number for Remote ID generation, even when a Vehicle Serial Number is present, by setting the REMOTEID_USE_SKYNODE_SN environment variable

  • Allow disabling Remote ID using a signed token; tokens are generated by Auterion on request

  • Change ROS2 middleware to use FastDDS instead of CycloneDDS

  • New radio statistics included in Ulog file uploaded to the suite. This will simplify radio troubleshooting

  • Disable AuterionOS serial console on production images

What improved


  • Do not force video streaming frame rate to a fixed value. This can reduce video latency by 30-50ms.

  • Fix issue where video was getting recorded correctly on the Sony A7R camera but AMC reported that recording failed

Sony A7R/ILX

  • Enable exposure control settings also in video mode

  • New picture profile setting exposed to AMC

  • Read all settings ranges from the camera to avoid trying to change settings that are not available for a specific camera model or in a specific camera state

  • New movie recording settings exposed to AMC

  • Remove "flash" white balance setting

  • Do not allow user to change to manual focus if the lens does not support it

  • Limit shutter speed range to 1/4000

  • Decouple exposure mode, exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, aperture and focus mode settings depending if the camera is in photo or video mode

  • Fix SD card status and error reporting

  • Fix movie format setting. Previously users could set values that were temporarily not available due to other setting combinations.

  • Set AuterionOS date and time to camera during initial connection

  • Read focus level from camera to improve the manual focus support

  • New Sony 50mm and Samyang 75mm lens support

  • Fix issue that would cause Sony camera to stop working if plugged out and back into Skynode via USB

  • Fix issue that would cause the Sony camera capture feedback to not work when switching between USB flash drive and camera SD card storage


  • Improve doodle labs radio support. This will allow pairing with doodle labs radios to be faster and more reliable.


  • Fix issue that could happen during photo upload to the suite. This could cause all other features related to the suite to malfunction.

  • Fix issue that could cause the AuterionOS web UI to not get updated or to get corrupted when updating from a release with the old web UI

  • Fix issue that could cause the FMU hardfault log upload to the suite to fail during AuterionOS bootup

  • Improve error messages in AuterionOS update API to report API version incompatibilities

  • Fix app remove button and make sure that also app settings are removed. The action could fail randomly.

  • Improve error handling during AuterionOS app installations

  • Fix issue where AuterionOS could get stuck at boot if a USB flash drive was plugged in during power up

  • Fix issue where last digits of the Auterion suite API key were visible in some AuterionOS REST API responses

  • Fix issue that caused excessive memory usage by the modem driver in AuterionOS when when modem was not in a configurable state

  • Disable app actions in the AuterionOS web UI while the drone is armed

  • During skynode soft reboots the USB hub could stop working. Now AuterionOS makes sure the USB hub is alive during every boot up.

  • Fix issue where the app update status was not successful although the app installation had succeeded

  • Fix issue with modem metrics that could cause the CPU to spike every time AuterionOS requested the metrics from the modem

  • Various optimizations related to connection to the suite. The service would use a lot of resources also when the vehicle was not connected to the Internet.

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