AMC 1.9.1

Before installing the latest Android version of the Auterion Mission Control, uninstall and remove the old version.


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

pageAOS 2.0.2

New Features

  • New modules that enable the configuration of different Skynode components have been introduced in the Settings menu:

    • A module that enables the update of the Auterion OS version of Skynode directly through AMC. (Compatible only with AEPX4 2.0.2 and newer)

    • A module that gives full configuration control of the LTE sim card installed in Skynode.

      (Compatible only with AEPX4 2.0.2 and newer)

    • An improved WiFi configuration module for the WiFi of Skynode.

      (Compatible only with AEPX4 2.0.2 and newer)

  • New features that improve the UI/UX during planning and flying:

    • Battery Icon is changing color based on the remaining battery.

    • The VTOL landing pattern during planning has been Improved.

Improvements / Resolved issues

  • Issues resolved during Mission Planning:

    • The path prediction trajectory (VTOL) was not always updating when a survey corner was moved.

    • Waypoint segment split icon was not appearing when a new waypoint was added.

    • There was the ability to delete the mission start item and that led to undefined behaviour.

  • While AMC is running in the background, manual control commands are not being sent.

  • While vehicle calibration is performed, gimbal control commands are not being sent.

  • At specific cases during camera power cycle, AMC stopped working.

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