AOS 2.1.0


This version of AuterionOS comes bundles with Auterion PX4 2.1:

pageAPX4 2.1.0

Please use Auterion Mission Control 1.10.0 or newer with this version of AOS:

pageAMC 1.10.0

New Features

  • Trillium HD40LV support. This includes camera controls, gimbal controls, video stream (EO and IR) and tracking using Sightline tracking board

  • Improved Survey Workflow with Sony cameras. Now photos are downloaded from the Sony cameras to Skynode. They are geotagged automatically on Skynode and stored in a USB mass storage device attached to the drone.

  • Support for Silvus SC4200EP radio.

  • Support to hotplugging of USB devices on the USB-C port of Skynode.

  • Connectivity indicator in the Skynode local updater GUI. Shows whether the Skynode is connected to the internet or not.

  • Support Sony A7R error reporting to AMC when a photo trigger fails. Reports to the user if something fails during trigger, during auto focus config or because of a bad/missing SD card.

Bug fixes

  • Modem configuration reports an unknown error in AMC when the PUK code is required.

  • When the user inserts his PIN code in the modem configuration while there is no signal reception, the modem timeouts at some point and then never regains connection.

  • Skynode SD card does not mount after the initial formatting.

  • Local updater not handling the device reboot properly, resulting in hanging update process forever.

  • Partitions are sometimes not mounted properly after a Skynode is flashed for the first time.

  • Skynode booting too fast, causing the kernel to try to mount the eMMC too early in the boot process, leading to a kernel panic.

  • MAVLink packets not being automatically broadcasted when connected to the Skynode Wifi AP if the Ethernet netmask is not set to default. This is a specific issue to setups where one changes the Ethernet netmask.

  • In the local updater page, during an update, opening the Suite URL causes the update to stop.

  • In the local updater, the update aborts before the FMU firmware binary is flashed.

  • All Skynode user LEDs get turned on while booting.

  • Some Sony A7R parameter values for ISO, EV and WB are missing, causing inconsistencies in the UI if the user selects one of these values manually from the camera.

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