SSH Access

Interfacing with Skynode and AI Node via SSH for direct access to the mission computer

Skynode and AI Node both run the linux-based AuterionOS. SSH can be used to access the operating system during the development process.

The following instructions require a connection to Skynode as described on the following page:

USB-C Network Connection

For AI Node follow the instructions on this page

USB Network Connection

When to use SSH

SSH provides access to the mission computer of Skynode, and to that extent provides full control over Skynode and the flight controller.

SSH Connection

Use the ssh command to connect to the SSH server on devices running AuterionOS:





AI Node




SSH root access is only available in the AuterionOS development image. For security reasons it should not be used on released products. For more details see the page Types of AuterionOS Images. Submit a ticket to request a release build of AuterionOS with SSH root access disabled to deploy in production.

SSH Access Restrictions

It is possible to change the password, as well as include your own SSH keys into an AuterionOS image. See the section about configuring and packaging AuterionOS for more details.

Furthermore the use of the standard username and password mentioned above is completely disabled in production images of AuterionOS. Skynodes running production images will only allow access when using SSH keys that were packaged into AuterionOS beforehand.

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