AI Node AOS 0.7.0

New Features

  • Modified kernel to set fixed order of video devices, both in /dev/videoX and sensor-id (Nvidia's nvargus) domains

  • Added support for IMX477 CSI camera

  • Added ability to dynamically switch CSI1/CSI4 ports between IMX219/IMX477 using environmental variables CSI1_IMX477=1/CSI4_IMX477=1

  • Added thermal throttling warning for CPU/GPU in Local Vehicle Dashboard

  • Added ability to see apps' status in Suite

  • Added bash-completion

What Improved

  • Docker apps workflow improvements where installing apps will automatically remove unused docker images/containers

  • Updated ROS2 binaries

  • Cleanup, remove deprecated system packages

  • Improvements to Local Vehicle Dashboard:

    • Corrected documentation address to Auterion's AI Node documentation

    • Never cache webpage to avoid page hanging

    • Added visual indication for thermal throttling

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed factory reset occasionally not wiping running apps

  • Fixed provisioning device occasionally failing after update, causing apps not working properly

  • Fixed Suite registration - QR code potentially not showing up

  • Fixed NextVision video bridge not working

  • Fixed CUDA libraries linking/some apps not detecting CUDA

  • Fixed USB storage device not mounting automatically

  • Fixed USB hub not working under certain conditions after software reboot

  • Fixed suite-service logs not being cleaned under certain conditions

  • Fixed issue when running sudo apt upgrade was breaking USB debug port

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