Updating AuterionOS

The AI Node utilizes the same update process as the Skynode, using .auterionos files.

These update files can be uploaded to the AI Node via:

  • The web interface at when connected to the device via microUSB

  • The paired Skynode, as long as Skynode is aware of AI Node. This can be achieved by setting NVIDIA_CONFIGURE_ETHERNET0_IP on the AI Node to define a static IP address, and NVIDIA_ETH_IP on the Skynode to the AI Node's IP address.

The AI Node exposes its update interface through the following subnets:

  • (Default USB Debug subnet)


  • (Default ETH0 subnet)


Once a USB networking or Ethernet connection through one of the above mentioned subnets is established, the process of updating is the same as Skynode, and you can follow our software update guide.

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