This guide for Manufacturers describes how to build an individual distribution of AuterionOS for your platform

Manufacturers can modify many aspects of AuterionOS and APX4 Autopilot, as well as pre-install applications.

For the subsequent developer workflow guide you will need the Auterion Developer Tools which include various tools, scripts, files and examples to help you customize your own distribution of AuterionOS.

OEM developer setup

Auterion OEM tools are used to customize AuterionOS by modifying it, extending it with additional applications or by integrating a custom APX4 firmware for the flight controller:

pageAuterionOS Customization

Customizing and extending AuterionOS

The page about the auterion developer tools captures some methods of customizing AuterionOS and as well as packaging APX4 firmware as well as how to package the final AuterionOS image.

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