Vehicle Web UI

The Vehicle Web UI, operating on Auterion-powered vehicles, offers direct access to information and configuration settings for various onboard services.

Accessing the Vehicle Web UI

  1. Power on Skynode and connect it to a computer via USB-C or Wi-Fi

  2. On the computer, use a web browser to navigate to:

    1. if connected via USB-C.

    2. if connected via WiFi.

You'll be directed to the Dashboard page of the web UI. From here, you can navigate to other available pages, each of which is explained below.


The Dashboard page provides a quick overview of Skynode's state, as well as the possibility to update the device's firmware and/or installed apps.

There are three main sections in the dashboard:

  1. Information, showing key identifiers of Skynode as well as the current software release running on the device.

  2. Install Software, where Skynode can be manually updated using an .auterionos file. More information on updating the system can be found in the section Software Update.

  3. Performance, which displays an overview of Skynode's current CPU and RAM usage.

System Status

The System Status page offers a comprehensive overview of the status of Skynode's diverse components and services. It encompasses version and status information regarding the firmware, flight controller, connected hardware, peripherals, network, as well as the software and services operating on Skynode.


The Apps page displays the currently installed applications on Skynode. Each application is presented in its own box, showcasing its version, status, and whether it should initiate upon Skynode startup. Moreover, clicking the cog icon for an app unveils options to start/stop the app, or access its logs or settings.

Some applications are tagged as System app (default). These applications come bundled with your AuterionOS installation and cannot be removed. They typically serve as essential components required by other applications.

Installed applications are split into two sections:

  1. User Applications, which are applications installed by the user that provide a capability upgrade to the vehicle.

  2. System Services, which are applications that are required by the system to provide base functionality.


The Diagnostics page let's you export a Diagnostic Report or reset Skynode to factory settings.


The Settings page offers various options for configuring Skynode.

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