Actuators Setup

In order to perform the Actuators Setup you will need to power up your Skynode and connect it to your PC/Laptop. Make sure to switch to Advanced Mode to get access to all Sensors configurations options.

Danger: Always remove the propellers from your drone before powering it up for the first time with the actuators wired up.

  1. Open AMC and access the Main Menu. Select the Advanced Tab from the Sidebar menu.

  1. Then click on Actuators where you'll find the UI for setting up the Control Allocation:

Be aware that the options shown inside the Actuators Menu might differ based on the SYS_AUTOSTART parameter you choose and set up previously.

  1. In order to optimally control the vehicle, set up the position of each motor with respect to the airframe center by changing the PositionX and Position Y parameters. The same menu also allows you to define which motors are rotating counter clockwise by ticking the Direction CCW parameter.

  2. Check or modify the actuators allocation to match up the wiring done in "Wiring Skynode to the Vehicle"

    1. Choose the protocol supported by the mounted ESCs or Servos on the side of the channel name. The image above shows the DShot600 for our 4 motors AUX1-4.

    2. Select with AUX/MAIN channel is connected to which actuator. In the example above we allocated AUX1-4 to the respective Motors 1-4.

Test the actuators

Danger: Always remove the propellers from your drone before each indoor test.

Make sure that the ESCs or Servos are properly powered by either the batteries or an external power supply.

It is possible to test if the actuators are wired up and configured the right way by Enabling the sliders on the bottom left corner of the Actuators Setup page.

When enabled the sliders allow you to increase,decrease or modify the speed/position for each allocated actuator.

In case the motors are not running smoothly an ESCs calibration could be necessary. To perform it follow the ESC Calibration guide.

When you are done testing do not forget to disable the sliders.

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