AOS 2.10.2


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with the following APX4 release:

APX4 2.7.12

Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion Mission Control with this version of AOS:

AMC 1.18.3

If you are updating from a version older than 2.4, please first update to the latest 2.5 before updating to the latest version, otherwise an error message will be displayed in the Skynode web UI.

What's new

  • New AuterionOS Apps v2

    • SSH access directly into app containers.

    • HTTP route integration with apps.

  • New Suite photo upload pipeline to have better performance during upload.

  • Add option to either save Wiris payload photos on the camera, on the internal Skynode storage, or both. This is the same behavior as the Sony A7R driver.

What improved

  • Fix issue with the PPK workflow that could cause the Rinex generation to fail on Skynode.

  • Fix issue with the photo gallery that would cause the photo download to fail if AMC requested too many photos at once.

  • Reduce OTA update inventory poll interval to the server. This inventory is never updated and doing this every 10 seconds led to excessive spam in the logs.

  • Optimize services that are running at boot to reduce the boot time on Skynode. In scenarios where there is no internet connection at boot, this could delay boot time by up to 30 seconds.

  • Add RTC battery status to Skyode Web UI.

  • Add option to set both DHCP client and a static IP on the ethernet simultaneously on Skynode.

  • Re-enable ethernet speed auto-negotiation by default on Skynode. The ETH_SPEED_NEGOTIATION_ENABLED environment variable to disable this feature still exists.

  • Expose more modem information to the sysinfo API on Skynode.

  • Disable RealSense and Custom Actions apps by default due to memory issues in the RealSense driver when the camera is not plugged in. The app can be re-enabled by setting the following variables: REALSENSE_ENABLED and AUTOPILOT_MANAGER_ENABLED.

  • Fix issue that would lead the communication to the Suite to fail if the device didn't have a serial number. All devices powered by Auterion should have a serial number, but if something goes wrong in manufacturing, there is backup logic to still be able to identify the vehicle.

  • Solved issues where logs could quickly reach their maximum size, causing them to rotate and lose all the previous information. This would then make debugging with the Diagnostic Report very complicated.

  • Fix the Remote ID standby state when it is not active. This could accidentally get overridden to a failure and prevent arming even when Remote ID was disabled.

  • Fix to load web UI even when the drone is having issues talking to the Suite. Only the Suite section of the web UI should show an error.

  • Payloads

    • Fix issue that could cause service to fail during very large surveys (hundreds of photos)

    • Fix issue that would cause the Payload Manager to restart when plugging the USB stick in and out multiple times.

    • Fix how photo folders are created on the external USB stick. Now there will never be empty folders.

    • Disable PPK notifications in AMC when the camera capture feedback is disabled.

    • Use external USB storage when "both" is selected instead of internal storage (when possible).

    • Fix issue that could cause the Payload Manager to not store photos on a newly manufactured Skynode.

  • Trillium HD40LV payload

    • Fix NUC setting that can be configured from AMC.

    • Fix issue that would cause the driver to not start properly at boot.

    • Stabilize the switch from EO to IR, and make it faster.

    • Update zoom level when switching between EO and IR.

    • Exclude IR settings when in EO mode, and vice versa.

    • Fix issue that would cause video to not show up in AMC at boot.

    • Update Orion SDK to support the 22.3 payload firmware version.

  • Workswell Wiris payload

    • Fix issue where IR photos would be stored as JPEG even if the setting was set to TIFF.

    • Fix video artifacts while switching between EO and IR modes.

    • Disable zoom when in IR as it is currently not supported by the manufacturer.

  • Sony A7R payload

    • Fix switching to camera photo destination mode. Before, it would show the setting in camera destination but it was still pulling photos from it and storing them on Skynode.

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