Auterion Mission Control

Auterion Mission Control is a powerful and fully featured ground control station application that is optimized for pilots of Auterion-powered vehicles.

Auterion Mission Control on the ground is constantly connected with Auterion Enterprise PX4 on the drone and Auterion Suite in the cloud. Mission Control allows you to operate any drone powered by Enterprise PX4 and puts the tools that pilots need most "front-and-center": safety checklists, flight controls, mission planning and payload control.

Auterion Mission Control provides everything users need to fly safely, with confidence, and in compliance:

  • Pre-flight and safety checklists.

  • Flight controls and telemetry allowing direct vehicle control without an RC controller (e.g. takeoff, fly to position, capture image, orbit, land, etc.).

  • Autonomous mission planning and monitoring. Complex missions, including surveying arbitrarily shaped areas, vertical structures and even corridor paths like roads, are defined using simple graphical tools.

  • Easy to understand in-flight warnings with guidance for pilots on what to do next.

  • Live video streaming overlaid with flight instruments.

  • Native camera support for Sony industrial cameras, including all settings, zoom control, and of course remote shutter trigger.

  • Deep integration with the ground station hardware in order to better deliver Auterion services and features.

Auterion Mission Control is fully supported on Android, Windows, MacOS (beta support) and Linux Operating Systems.

This document provides an overview of Auterion Mission Control and how to use its main features.

Current doc version: Auterion Mission Control v1.22.3

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